MSI launches AI+ laptops for gamers and creators, boasting 100 to 542 TOPS

MSI AI+ laptops at Computex 2024
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MSI has launched a fleet of new AI+ laptops at Computex 2024. We saw a wide range of new offerings, packing the latest Strix Point processors from AMD, and Lunar Lake processors from Intel. Probably the key feature of these laptops, which earns them the AI+ marque, is their minimum 100 TOPS of AI computing power. Some with discrete Nvidia GeForce RTX40 laptop GPUs can even boast up to 542 TOPS.

MSI Stealth A16 AI+ and Creator A16 AI+

The new MSI Stealth A16 AI+ and Creator A16 AI+ are 16-inch slim and light laptops packing-in AMD’s latest Ryzen AI 300 Series ‘Strix Point’ processors. They are touted to benefit from the triplicate charms of AMD’s newest Zen 5 CPU architecture, the refreshed XDNA 2 NPU, and the latest Radeon 800M graphics.

We already reported on these new AMD Ryzen AI 300 Series processors, but MSi reminds us that Zen 5 supports up to 12 large cores and up to 50% more cache than previous products, as well as Radeon 800M series graphics with up to 33% more graphics cores, and the XDNA 2 with up to 3x AI performance.

The MSI Stealth A16 AI+ and Creator A16 AI+ also come with Nvidia’s RTX40 laptop graphics, which are very powerful AI accelerators in their own right. AI Tensor Cores in these GPUs are even beefier than the best low-power SoC-integrated NPUs. As per our intro, a laptop RTX40 chip can boost the platform’s performance to 542 TOPS.

Last but not least, MSI is keen to emphasize the lightweight magnesium-aluminum alloy construction, powerful Cooler Boost 5 cooling systems, large batteries, and wealth of ports offered by its Stealth A16 AI+ and Creator A16 AI+ laptops.

MSI Stealth Mercedes-AMG Motorsport laptops

To appeal to the luxury gaming market, MSI has a more opulent version of the new Stealth. The all-new Stealth 18 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport co-branded laptop provides portable gaming power with an expensive 18-inch screen.

MSI also updated last year’s Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport with the latest technologies.

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MSI’s Mercedes-AMG Motorsport co-branded Stealth laptops don’t actually use one of AMD’s latest and greatest chips; instead they come packing an Intel Meteor Lake CPU. According to specs lists, there is but one option, the Intel Core Ultra 9 processor 185H. The 18-inch model pairs this with the RTX 4080 Laptop (12GB), but the 16-inch only comes with the RTX 4070 Laptop GPU (8GB).

MSI Prestige and Summit laptops - and  more

MSI unveiled its latest AI+ business and productivity laptops, Prestige and Summit. The big deal here is that they will debut with Intel Lunar Lake processors, and all offer 100+ TOPS of AI performance.

As you will have read in our previous reports, Lunar Lake offers up to 3X the on-SoC AI processing power of Meteor Lake. Extra TOPS are squeezed from the Core Ultra 200 processor’s CPU and integrated GPU.

The new Prestige laptops will come in 13, 14, and 16-inches, with “ultra-light bodies, large batteries, and long battery life,” says MSI. Meanwhile, MSI’s Summit 13 AI+ Evo is a flip design that includes comprehensive business security and the MSI Pen for stylus input.

MSI also updated its mainstream business and student Modern Series. Its latest 13, 14, and 15-inch Modern laptops are described as good office productivity all-rounders, and all come with wired Ethernet.

We also published a report on the new MSI Claw 8 AI+ we saw at Computex earlier today. Check it out if you are interested in an upcoming Lunar Lake-powered handheld gaming device.

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