Alienware AW2518H 240 Hz Gaming Monitor Drops to $329, an All-Time Low

Alienware AW2518H
(Image credit: Amazon)

Gamers looking for the ultimate in high-speed monitors have long lusted after Alienware's AW2518H. This 25-inch screen outputs at up to 240 Hz, while providing support for ULMB (ultra low motion blur) technology and Nvidia G-Sync, along with fantastic picture quality and a unique Alien-inspired design aesthetic.

Normally $399 (with an MSRP of $499), for the Cyber Monday tech deal season, the AW2518H is now just $329 at Amazon. That's an all-time low price for this epic, 1080p display.


Alienware AW2518H 240Hz Monitor: was $399 now $329 @Amazon
This 240Hz, 25-inch monitor offers tear-free, high-speed gaming using Nvidia G Sync techonlogy. It has eye-popping color and a gorgeous Alien-inspired design with a very-sleek stand.

When we reviewed the AW2518H, we gave it an Editor's Choice award due to its fantastic, blur-free performance, great color saturation and strong brightness. The panel output over 400 nits in our tests.

Gamers will not only love the image quality and speed of the Alienware AW2518H, but also its design. The entire chassis carries Alienware's signature look and feel, along with a super-thin bezel and a very-distinctive stand. It also has three programmable LED light strips and a light-up logo you can control

If you're looking for a higher-resolution gaming monitor, a larger panel or one that's cheaper, check out our Cyber Monday Monitor deals page, which has all of the best screen sales right now.

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