Computex 2019 Day 2 Wrap-Up: Chilling With Ice Lake, Cooler Master, and More

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Back in January we visited Las Vegas for CES 2019. That show often feels like the tech industry’s equivalent to a show-and-tell where everyone felt like one-upping each other. Many of the gizmos and gadgets shown off there will never become actual products. Computex 2019 is different—these companies brought some hardware they (mostly) intend to sell in the near future. This isn’t show-and-tell, it’s the taste that’s supposed to keep enthusiasts coming back for more.

Tom’s Hardware is still in Taiwan bringing you the best from Computex 2019. You can check out our Day 1 coverage, which was mostly defined by AMD’s opening keynote, right here. If you want the latest from the show, read on.

Intel (Ironically) Heats Things Up With Ice Lake

It often seems like big companies draw numbers from a hat to figure out who’s going to get the most headlines on a given day of a conference. Yesterday was AMD’s turn, and the company obliged by announcing new CPUs and GPUs, but today was Intel’s. So what did the company bring to Computex 2019? A decent amount of information about the first 10nm processors, Ice Lake, as well as improvements to its other technologies.

Killing Time With Cooler Master and HP

Sometimes we don’t have time to see everything at a company’s booth. Computex is always a big show, and there’s only so much time we can give each booth. We decided to spend a fair amount of time with Cooler Master and HP today—read on to see why.

The Best of the Rest

None of which is to say that Cooler Master and HP were the only companies making interesting announcements today. We also brought you news from Thermaltake, Gigabyte, and many other companies besides. Looking for laptops? They’re here. Components? Yep. Peripherals? You-bet-yer-als. (We’ll admit, that sounded better in our caffeine-soaked, overcrowded heads.) This is the best of the rest from Day 2 of Computex 2019.

Let’s Get Social

We’re going to keep bringing you the most interesting news from Computex 2019 until the conference ends on June 1. (And probably for a while after, too.) You can keep up with our coverage from the show by visiting the Computex page on our website as well as following us on Facebook and Twitter. We also want to know what you think, so join the discussion in our community forums!

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