Computex 2019 Day 1 Wrap-Up: AMD, Intel, and Nvidia Come Out Swinging

Nothing says Computex like seemingly endless product announcements, rushing to cabs between keynotes, and copious amounts of stale coffee. Yep, Tom’s Hardware is in Taiwan to bring you all the highlights from Computex 2019.

Here’s all our coverage of the first day of Computex 2019.

AMD Kicks Things Off With a Bang

This year marked the first time Computex opened with a keynote address from an outside executive. AMD CEO Lisa Su used that opportunity to announce a technological menagerie of new CPUs and GPUs meant to help the company dethrone Intel and Nvidia.

Intel and Nvidia Didn’t Come Empty-Handed

That isn’t to say that AMD was the only company making big announcements at Computex 2019. (Or at least trying to capitalize on the presence of seemingly every tech journalist with a passport by making some bombastic claims.) Intel and Nvidia made some announcements of their own at the show:

The Future of Mobile Computing

AMD, Intel, and Nvidia had the desktop market pretty much covered on the first day of Computex 2019, even though the show doesn't officially start until tomorrow. But much of our technology is mobile these days, which is why Arm, Qualcomm, and their partners were at the show to reveal what they believe is the future of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. (Along with a few laptops featuring some new hardware from AMD and Nvidia, of course, to appeal to the gaming crowd.)

The Best of the Rest

Keep Up With Tom’s Hardware at Computex 2019

We’re going to be in Taiwan all week to keep bringing you the best of what Computex 2019 has to offer. You can keep up with our coverage from the show floor by checking out the Computex page on our site as well as following us on Facebook and Twitter. We also want to know what you expect to see from Computex 2019, so join the discussion over in the Tom’s Hardware community forums!

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