Computex 2019 Day 4 Wrap-Up: Xe Concepts, Navi Prototypes, and Spec Bumps

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Computex 2019 is winding down, but there’s still plenty of new hardware to find on the show floor. Will all of it make its way to market? Probably not. Will enthusiasts need all of the performance capabilities promised by these products? Definitely not. But will we keep writing about the coolest gear until they make us leave Taiwan? You bet.

You can catch up on our coverage from Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 of Computex 2019 at their respective links. Remember that we crowned our Best of Computex 2019 yesterday, too, in case you’re curious about what excited us the most. Check out Day four's news below.

Xe, We Wonder What Intel’s Discrete GPU Will Be Like

Most people know Intel for its processors, proofs of concept for emerging technologies, and potential to send the entire tech industry into decline with a CPU shortage. Now it wants to be known for something else: discrete graphics. Details about its Xe graphics have stutter-stepped their way into the world over the last few months, and at Computex 2019, the company showed off a few conceptual Xe graphics cards.

Bigger Is Better, Right?

If there’s another theme from today’s coverage it’s “more.” Companies are pushing their PSUs to higher capacities, cramming their laptops full of more powerful hardware, and otherwise making numbers on their spec sheets go up, up, up. These are the kinds of products that most enthusiasts can’t justify—but that won’t stop some of us from trying, right?

The Best of the Rest

Here’s the usual grab bag of components and peripherals we found on the Computex 2019 show floor. There’s something for everyone, especially if you’re into cases and coolers, and we expect to add more to the technological smorgasbord tomorrow.

Follow Us to Taiwan and Back

Computex 2019 runs until June 1, and we’re likely to keep covering products from the show after that, but our time in Taiwan is coming to an end all the same. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates, join us in the community forums to discuss this year’s Computex, and head over to our dedicated page for the show for all our coverage.

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