Ditch Your Platter Drive For a $55 Crucial MX500 500GB SSD

(Image credit: Crucial)

Step into the world of solid-state storage with Crucial's MX500 500GB SSD. The drive, which normally sells for $72.99, is available for $54.99 for the next 15 hours. Don't forget to add the promotional code EMCTBUC23 at checkout.

The Crucial MX500 connects to your PC or laptop through the old-school SATA interface, which makes it the perfect upgrade for both old and new systems. The drive is 2.5-inch (7mm) thick, but comes with a 9.5mm adapter just in case. If you're unsure whether your system is compatible with the MX500 SSD, Crucial has a helpful compatibility tool.

The Crucial MX500 combines Silicon Motion's SM2258 controller with Micron's 64-layer TLC (triple-level cell) 3D NAND chips and 512MB of DDR3 RAM. The SSD is capable of pumping out sequential read and write speeds of 560 MB/s and 510 MB/s, respectively. The SSD's random performance isn't shabby either. It delivers random read and write speeds of 95,000 IOPS and 90,000 IOPS, respectively.

In terms of endurance, the 500GB model is rated for 180 TBW (terabytes written) rating, which equals to writing 98GB per day for the next five years. Crucial backs the MX500 with a limited five-year warranty.

As a bonus, the SSD comes with a copy of Acronis True Image HD software, so you can clone your existing hard drive over to the MX500 in a matter of minutes.

Should You Buy This SSD?

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