Prep for Xbox Series S With a $240 1440p IPS Monitor

Dell S2721D
(Image credit: Dell)

With the Xbox Series S, a $300, 1440p console, on the horizon, there's even more reason to start looking at QHD monitors. Thanks to continuing Labor Day sales, that's a little easier today. The Dell S2721D is currently marked down to $239.99 on Dell’s website, down from $319.99.

The Dell S2721D is a 27-inch IPS display with a 75 Hz max refresh rate. It fights scree tears with AMD FreeSync and 100 x 100mm VESA mount compatible and comes with built-in 3W speakers. Dell advertises 99% sRGB color coverage, and you can also upgrade to an adjustable height stand for $25 more.

Dell S2721D: was $319.99, now $239.99 @

Dell S2721D: was $319.99, now $239.99 @
The Dell S2721D Monitor is a 1440p resolution IPS display that is FreeSync and VESA mount compatible and maxes out at a 75 Hz refresh rate. It comes with built-in speakers and can be upgraded to include an adjustable height stand.

It’s tough to find high resolution IPS monitors for below $250, and while this one can’t support the high frame rates like the best gaming monitors, it's still an enticing pick for gamers on a budget, especially if they don’t play many competitive multiplayer games.

Michelle Ehrhardt

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    What kind of advice is this ? the Console is not even released or reviewed yet , and you are suggesting people buy gaming monitors from now ?

    Are these articles paid ones ? or what?
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    And who plays consoles on a monitor?