Boost Your Laptop RAM With 8GB Crucial Memory for Just $34.99

Credit: CrucialCredit: Crucial

Summer is almost over, which means there are a lot of interesting back to school component deals from retailers hoping to attract students. Not a student? No problem; today's deal is good for students, as well as anyone looking to boost the performance in their laptop.

Today, Newegg has 8GB of Crucial 204-pin DDR3L-1600 laptop memory for $34.99. This could be a good choice to help add speed to an aging laptop or to increase the amount of RAM available. Last year, the memory stick sold for as high as $71, and this year it was selling for $60.  

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The Crucial 8GB 204-pin DDR3L memory uses 1.35 volts of power and can be installed easily in minutes. 

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  • NightHawkRMX
    Right now you can get 8gb DDR4 2666 DDR4 desktop ram for $30 from Crucial. This $35 for much slower DDR3 laptop ram doesnt seem that impressive.

    I ought to sell some of the DDR3 SODIMMs I have if it is so valuable.
  • Mandark
    it's for people with craptops like me... lol, i can't use ddr4, lol, however, 8GB of my ram cost only $24 back when i bought it, so, it's price must have climbed

    this is mine, yep, price went up! not a deal, was 25 a few yrs ago--2017.
  • NightHawkRMX
    Well my craptop is so crappy it only has 1 ram dimm which is currently occupied by 8gb, so this wont help me