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SK Hynix Showcases GDDR6 AT GTC

SK Hynix is displaying its next generation GDDR6 memory modules at Nvidia's GTC event in San Jose, California. According to the memory maker, GDDR6 operates with an I/O data rate of 16Gbps and a theoretical bandwidth of 768GB/s when paired with a 384-bit I/O bus. This new memory standard allows for twice the bandwidth per pin as GDDR5 and delivers 10% lower power consumption. It is expected to power Nvidia's upcoming Volta GPU architecture.

SK Hynix is the world’s second-largest memory chipmaker and world’s fifth largest semiconductor company. Just a few short weeks ago, senior vice president Jonghoon Oh, the Head of SK Hynix's DRAM Product Development Division said in a press release:

“With the introduction of this industry’s fastest GDDR6, SK Hynix will actively respond to high quality, high-performance graphics memory solutions market. The Company would help our clients enhance their performance of high-end graphics cards,” he added.

According to SK Hynix, the company has been collaborating with “a core graphics chipset client” to mass produce the GDDR6 for the upcoming market demands.

Putting these numbers into perspective, standard GDDR5 offers 8 Gbps of throughput, GDDR5X memory offers up to 12 Gbps, and GDDR6 offers speeds up to 16 Gbps. Here's a comparison list of GDDR5 versus GDDR6:

Density4GB ~ 8Gb8Gb ~ 16Gb
Package170B (12x14) 0.8mm pitch180B (12x14) 0.75mm pitch
Burst Length8bit (DDR)16bit (DDR/QDR optional)
External IOX32 (x16)2CH x32 (2CH x16 & PC Mode x32)
WCK GranularitybyteByte / word (optional)
Pre-fetch per CH256bit (32GB access)256bit (32B)
WCK Rate2f (DDR)4f (DDR) / 2f (QDR)
Pin Data Rate8Gbps (Target 10Gbps)Up to 16Gbps
Voltage1.5V (1.35V)1.35V
RxCTLE per word1-tap DFE per DQ
EDC RateFull (0x83 72bit)Full / Half (0x83 144bit / 0x83 XOR)