Snag a 10TB WD Red Plus HDD for $120 Off

WD Red Plus
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Update 11/28/2020 07:54 PT:

This deal has since increased in price to $241, which is still a saving of just over $66.

Original article:

The holiday deals season always brings out the best storage deals of the year, and this year isn't shaping up to be any different. The 10TB WD Red Plus NAS hard drive is the perfect example – it's now only $188.89, which is $120 off the normal MSRP.

For cheap and deep HDD storage, it's always best to avoid the highest-capacity models – they come with big upcharges for the privilege of storing the absolute most bits possible. Shoot for the mid-range if you want to find a deal, and the 10TB WD Red Plus fits the bill nicely. Even though this drive is designed specifically for NAS, it's also more than suitable for a PC's secondary drive. 

10TB WD Red Plus: was $308, now $241 at Newegg

10TB WD Red Plus: was $308, now $241 at Newegg
The 10TB WD Red Plus is $66 off the normal MSRP. This 5,400-RPM drive is more than sufficient for use in either a NAS or desktop PC and comes with reliable PMR recording technology. 

The WD Red Plus is designed for NAS usage and spins at 5,400-RPM, but it would make a wonderful secondary storage drive for your PC. As with all NAS drives, it comes with specific optimizations that boost reliability for 24/7 use cases, like enhanced resistance to vibration, so it has a more robust design than standard desktop drives. You also get a three-year warranty, while most standard desktop drives only come with a two-year warranty. 

The tradeoff? You won't get those snappy response times that come with 7,200-RPM drives, but that's hardly a concern if you use the drive to store pictures, videos, and other types of files that don't need the world's fastest storage. Check out our Cyber Monday SSD deals for that. 

WD's Red drives come in two flavors: Those that come with standard PMR recording tech, and those with SMR technology. The latter is much slower than the former, but that doesn't matter here. The WD Red Plus features standard PMR recording, making it a solid choice for just about any type of use. 

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