Strimer Plus 24-Pin PSU Cable Down to $50

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Not every component in a new build is there to be the best CPU or the best GPU. Sometimes, they’re there just to look good. That’s the case with Lian Li’s Strimer Plus 24-pin power extension cable, which thanks to a new $10 sale on Newegg, brings RGB inside your case for $49.99.

The Strimer Plus is a 9.45-inch 24-pin extension cable that adds a little extra reach to your power supply, but mostly just provides a light show. It plugs into a standard 24-pin power supply cable and goes into your motherboard, though it also needs either a SATA or 5V ARGB motherboard header connection for power. It’s got 19 lighting modes (including off, which was missing from the original Strimer), 7 colors, 5 speeds and 5 brightness settings. You can control all these lighting configurations either through an included controller box or, if you’re drawing power from a 5V ARGB connection, your motherboard maker’s RGB software. 

was $59.99 now $49.99

Lian Li Strimer Plus 24-pin power extension cable: was $59.99 now $49.99

Lian Li’s Strimer Plus 24-pin power extension cable is a 9.45 inch 24-pin extension cable that connects to your PSU through a typical 24-pin cable and goes into your motherboard. It draws power from either a SATA connection or a 5V ARGB motherboard header connection. It offers 19 lighting modes, 7 colors, 5 speeds and 5 brightness settings.

Our review for the Strimer Plus called it “a solid improvement over the original Strimer, both visually and in terms of build quality and design.” We used the original Strimer in our RGBeast build, but we found the build quality and the lack of an on/off button to be its two biggest shortcomings. The Strimer Plus fixes both of those issues, making it an attractive choice for anyone looking to add some flair to their battlestation.

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  • NightHawkRMX
    An RGB cable, you have got to be kidding me
  • AnimeMania
    It's no difference than people paying money to get custom sleeves on their PSU cables, except there isn't the possibility that you could do the RGB cables yourself. Lian Li should make a RGB extension cable for every PSU cable type. The Strimer Plus treatment for all the PSU cables might even make cable management easier since it is an extension cable and you would have the extra length to play with or a nightmare, since each power cable now needs it's own lighting effect controller/power cable and a nearby lighting effect controller box. Lian Li should also include a 24-pin right angle PSU adapter plug so that people don't need to make such sharp bends in their product.
  • NightHawkRMX
    This cable extension with some leds costs more than a budget power supply. Unacceptable no matter what way you put it.
  • hotaru251
    I pray I outlive the RGB I can dance on its grave.
  • mdd1963
    Admin said:
    We thought the Strimer Plus was a little pricey when it came out, but a new deal takes some of the edge off.

    Strimer Plus 24-Pin PSU Cable Down to $50 : Read more

    I'm sure I've seen more useless products for a PC...

    But at the moment, none come to mind. :)