5 Power Supplies Get the Full Juice Treatment


The Hiper power supply made it through our test regimen without a single hitch. Next, we turned our gaze to the (minus) -12 Volt rail, which caused the device to drop out of our last round of tests. This time we measured it at values of -11.69 Volts under light load and -12.50 Volts at peak load. These values fall well inside the range of ±10% that the specification allows. All the other voltages also fell within allowed tolerances.

To our consternation, the efficiency rating of this power supply worked against its other substantial improvement. At light load, its rating is a paltry 64.4% - the lowest value for any of the power supplies we tested! Increasing the load also increases the efficiency rating to between 76.0% and 76.6%, but this unit wins no prize for efficiency, though these readings are acceptable.

The U.S .version of the power supply does not include Active Power Factor Correction (AFPC) circuitry (though the package may still claim that it does, because it hasn't yet been changed from its European counterpart). At prices that range from $110 to $130, the unit is somewhat costly but is still worth the money for its rated performance and great design.

The Hiper R 580W in what can later be used as a tackle box.