5 Power Supplies Get the Full Juice Treatment

CoolerMaster Real Power RS-550-ACLY, Continued

The new version of this power supply provides two PCI Express (PCIe) power connectors for dual-card SLI or CrossFire configurations. To accommodate this feature, the EPS Workstation connector falls by the wayside in this model, which is probably a good thing because though both plugs are identical the EPS pin-out differs from that for an SLI connector (but that also means this PSU is not suitable workstation use).

The EPS connector had to go, but that makes room for two PCIe connectors for dual graphics card use.

No two-part connector: a plain-vanilla interpretation of the 24-pin ATX12V2.0 motherboard connector.

Those who want to mate this power supply with an older motherboard must use this giant adapter.

Both P4 and P8 connectors are provided, each on its own cable strand.