5 Power Supplies Get the Full Juice Treatment

Silverstone Zeus ST56ZF

The Silverstone ST56ZF makes a strong impression as a hefty workstation power supply at first glance. This 560 Watt power supply comes in solid, basic black. It's also the only device in our test group that includes a usage indicator: An LED shines green when the input voltage is in standby mode. Once the device is turned on, the LED turns orange. This is a nice feature, and one that's especially useful on passive-cooled power supplies because users can't hear whether the device is turned on or not. But for this reason this feature is superfluous on the ST56ZF: Even under light load, this device can be heard and can become noisy.

The ATX connector comes apart, but the P8 connector (Dual-Core) doesn't...

...that's why you need this adapter

This power supply is equipped with two PCIe connectors for dual graphics rigs

Room to maneuver: the box isn't crammed to bursting like a can of sardines, unlike many other PSUs.