5 Power Supplies Get the Full Juice Treatment


All the data appears here, but peak amperage values are confusing.

As mentioned above, the new Cooler Master made the scene and withstood our demanding stress test. Even after twelve hours of continuous heavy load, the device didn't shut down: The manufacturer has obviously fixed its problems.

Voltage levels are also stable: The (minus) -12 Volt rail that troubles so many manufacturers, for example, swings only over a relatively modest range from -12.18 to -12.09 volts.

The unit's operating efficiency is also very good. Under light load the unit begins work at a good value of 82.3%; when half-way loaded it runs at about 80% efficiency. It really gets into the swing of things at maximum load: A robust 86.3% efficiency rating catapults this unit to the top of the test field. But under heavy load, the PSU fan really gets going, too: This otherwise quiet device makes an ear-splitting racket when the PSU runs at peak load. At about $110 to $120, the unit's high efficiency ratings never the less justify its relatively high price.

The Cooler Master power supply retail box.