Windows Server 2008 Core Installation

Screensaver Switched Off

In the default configuration of Windows Server 2008, the screensaver is activated and is switches on after 10 minutes. This can be particularly irritating when starting to configure the server, since every time the screen saver becomes active, you have to enter your password again.

After 10 minutes of being idle, the administrator is thrown off the system

The screensaver in the core server can only be configured in the registry. The registry editor is also accessible in the Core Installation; it can be started with the command regedt32.

Turning off the screensaver in the registry

The setting for the screensaver is in the path HKCU\ControlPanel\Desktop\ScreenSaveActive - a value of 0 switches off the Screensaver, while the value 1 turns it on.

Deactivate Firewall

As mentioned earlier, Windows Firewall is activated by default in the standard configuration of the Core Installation. If you already use an alternative firewall solution for Internet access and do not require one for your intranet, then the firewall can be deactivated.

netsh firewall set opmode disable

Complete deactivation of the Windows Firewall