Windows Server 2008 Core Installation

Graphical Elements In The Core Installation

In addition to the task manager, the Core Installation of Server 2008 has a few other programs that make life easier for the administrator.


A simple text editor is an indispensable aid for administrators. To that end, the familiar Notepad was once again integrated into the final version of Windows Server 2008 (after numerous complaints during beta testing). It can be launched by entering the command notepad.

An indispensable aid: the Windows editor "Notepad"

Country Settings

If you forgot to select the correct language during the installation, you won’t have to live with incorrect key mappings. Microsoft has adopted the system control applet "Region and language options" in the Core Installation, which lets you easily change the settings. The window can be opened with the command control intl.cpl.

Keyboard properly installed

Date And Time

The system control applet for the date and time is also available in Server 2008. You can launch it with the command control timedate.cpl.

Setting the system time

Alternately, it is also possible to set the system time with the well-known DOS commands time and date .

The good old DOS commands work too