Windows Server 2008 Core Installation

Conclusion: A Server Installation For Professionals

The Windows Server 2008 Core Installation is a very unfamiliar environment, even for experienced administrators. Configuration is extremely protracted, particularly for the less experienced administrator; even the simplest tasks that normally take two clicks can suddenly mean you have to dig into the manual.

Cryptic Commands that no administrator can memorize: IIS-Installation with components

For example, 923 characters must be entered to install the Internet Information Server, including all the components - no administrator can possibly remember anything so convoluted. (And we did not think up this example ourselves; it appears in a Whitepaper by Microsoft!) Even worse is that fact that only very scanty information is available from Microsoft about the Core Installation. Adequate documentation is still in short supply at the moment, though this will change as use of the server becomes more widespread.

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All of that said, the troubles with the configuration pay off in the form of a stable and well-performing system. In particular, the Core Installation is a worthwhile alternative for servers that are past their prime, but still suitable for specific tasks. Our only warning is that administrators should already have experience in administering systems using the command prompt, and should enjoy working with the console. Otherwise, they will quickly find themselves disappointed, and eager to return to the conventional window-based version of the OS.

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