Affordable 19" LCD Monitors

Samsung SyncMaster 192B

The panel is superb, a height-adjustable space-saver with very good viewing angles. It can be easily mounted on a wall without having to go to the expense of VESA systems. On the other hand, it only has a D-Sub input, no USB hub, and the transformer is external.

In spite of that, this monitor is attractive. It would be suitable for almost any environment.


We set the colors to the default values of 50 for red, green and blue via the OSD in USER mode. We set contrast at 80 and brightness at 60.

90% of the colors (DeltaE <2) were adequately displayed. 78% (DeltaE <1) of them were perfectly displayed. Only the 6% darkest ones (DeltaE >3) came out poorly, and in fact they are impossible to display on this monitor.

These values are average. This monitor's colors are generally satisfactory but don't forget that the darks are not very true.