Affordable 19" LCD Monitors


Unreal Tournament 2003

The only acceptable resolution is 1280x1024. Below that, interpolation is too visible and a definite disaster in 640x480. The result is a disappointment even in the native resolution, because it still has too much afterglow. The game is playable, but nothing more.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein is not so much of a problem. The action is a bit slower and you're not leaping around the whole time. There is still a definite afterglow but it is far from being such a handicap as in Unreal.

GTA: Vice City

Same verdict as Wolfenstein. Could do better but it's not so bad. You can play. There are a few breaks in the images when you spin round fast and a bit of afterglow, but the scenario soon makes you forget these little miseries.

Command & Conquer: Generals

This monitor is not however designed for Command & Conquer. The first setback is that the screen does not support the highest resolution available at 1152x864 and turns black. So we are left with 1024x786 and 800x600, which cruelly lack definition and suffer from extreme afterglow.


No special worries here; you can watch your favorite movies with a much better viewing angle than you get with TN + Film panels. However, the usual failings are present with afterglow and image ghosting. But if you are at a meter or more away, you don't notice it any more.