Affordable 19" LCD Monitors

Iiyama AS4821DT BK

The Iiyama fall range seemed disappointing when we read about it. We do regret the passing of the 17" LCDs for gamers. But happily the AS4821DT has succeeded in putting Iiyama back in the game.

We must say that the model we were sent, in black (BK), is splendid. This housing suits it very well. The only criticism is the rather heavy base. But the transformer is internal, the panel swivels, its height is adjustable and there is an integrated USB hub, too.


The OSD includes sRGB settings. That's good, because it's just what we wanted to calibrate. In practice, you choose once and for all the screen colors, brightness, and contrast. Once you activate them, you cannot change any of these parameters manually. Unfortunately, while the light and medium shades are very good, maybe better than on the following tests, the darks are really very bad. The best thing then is to go back to settings that are close to the original ones, with colors set on Color1, contrast at 40 (instead of the default 50), and brightness at 50.


The profile can be downloaded below. Install it in C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color. Then you activate it by going to advanced display properties, then Color Management. Add the profile and select it as default.

Profile 6500K

The result we got was one of the best of all the monitors.

95% of the colors (DeltaE <2) were adequately displayed. 92% (DeltaE <1) of them were perfectly displayed. Only the 3% darkest ones (DeltaE >3) came out poorly, and in fact they are impossible to display on this monitor.

This is one of the few LCDs you can really compare to a high-end CRT, apart from the fact that even this one cannot really do black. But at least it comes close.