Affordable 19" LCD Monitors


Results here are no way as good as on the 1920NX. Even in the native 1280x1024 resolution, the images are too blurred with too much afterglow to be attractive to gamers.

Unreal Tournament 2003

As you might expect from the color test, the image in 1280x1024 is lovely. However, the panel is still an MVA, with a response time of 25ms and all the inconvenience that this entails. You are first bugged by the lack of smoothness in the sequences. Because the pixels don't respond fast enough, you get the impression that image output is too slow and you are seeing three or four of them in succession rather than smoothly blended movement. Then there is the problem of afterglow. An image in constant movement always looks a bit blurred, and this is tiring for the eyes.

The same thing goes for 1024x768 and 800x600 where there is a noticeable lack of image quality. The 640x480 resolution is also supported, but not to be recommended as the game loses in definition.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein is not so greedy so playing it is much less of a problem. Rendering is of satisfactory quality and only the most exacting gamer would refuse to use this monitor. Though it may not be perfect for this game, it gets the job done.

GTA: Vice City

Here again, the flaw is present, but you soon forget about it. True, this monitor is not likely to attract hardcore gamers, but there's no reason not to use it from time to time.

Command & Conquer: Generals

This is not too clear, but is still playable in 1152x864 and 1024x768 resolutions. The first of these two resolutions is the best. Outlines are a bit clearer and smoothing a bit better. Forget about 800x600 where the images are so bad they make you lose interest in the game.


No LCD can match a TV CRT screen and this one is no exception. But at least here you don't get the defects of other LCD screens with flickering, shading, which jumps from one patch to the next instead of blending gradually. All you get here, as usual, is some afterglow when the characters move fast. Nothing too serious and no reason to prevent this monitor being used as a spare TV.