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M.2 Performance, FreeSync Vs G-Sync, and CCX Performance

Onoref: With the new M.2 SSD's coming out, will the restriction on Ryzen PCIe lanes be an issue and what is your take on it?

DON WOLIGROSKI: Our M.2 performance is very good, especially NVMe, as a lot of Ryzen's I/O goes direct to the CPU - not through a chipset. I encourage you to check out the storage benchmarks in Ryzen 5 reviews.

tanke001: I'm saving to update my computer from a Phenom II X6 1055 to a full Ryzen platform. I use it mainly for video games. My question is: if it has been confirmed that L3 shared cache memory is creating bottlenecks with its actual config, can it be a good idea to split it into 4MB per CCX by software?

DON WOLIGROSKI: There's a lot of cache FUD out there about Ryzen, and a lot of people are making assumptions based on limited info. Just keep an eye on actual reviews. As we ramp up the platform and get rid of bottlenecks like memory speed, we get faster. And I can confidently say Ryzen is a lot faster than the Phenom II out of the box when it comes to gaming.

orifiel: Is AMD working with RAM vendors for more RAM options to be available for Ryzen? All I want is an AMD Ryzen 1700X with 32GB of RAM at 3000MHz or 3200MHz. Can I hope for a fix with a Rev2 BIOS and firmware updates?

DON WOLIGROSKI: RAM compatibility is one of our top priorities right now, and we're working hard to get regular BIOS updates until the situation is ideal. Expect a new BIOS around April 11th, and in May to make memory work faster on Ryzen.

PandaNation: Why are FreeSync monitors so much cheaper than their G-Sync counterparts? I know you won't be able to say much, but how does Vega compare to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and the Nvidia Titan Xp? Big fan of AMD, thinking of doing a Mini-ITX Ryzen 5 build. Keep up the good work!

DON WOLIGROSKI: FreeSync is cheaper because it's an open standard. In many cases a panel manufacturer can make a FreeSync panel by changing their monitor's firmware and having it meet the spec. For G-Sync, Nvidia charges a licensing fee. Because of this differentiation alone, I think the inevitable future is FreeSync.

(re Vega): It looks really nice.

I am also waiting for my MiniITX Ryzen board!


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AMD Ryzen 5 1600X
AMD Ryzen 5 1600X