Athlon Hit Parade: 10 mobos with the nForce2 Ultra400

Gigabyte GA-7NNXP, Continued

Gigabyte intends to appeal to as large a user group as possible, and it fits the board with extra voltage converters for reasons of stability; these can be found on an additional expansion module by the name of DPS. If it weren't for the second fan on the board, it would be a very good product. Together with the fan on the Northbridge, the Gigabyte board generates considerably more noise than its competitors.

One further security feature is the well-known DualBIOS. Should the flash ROM be put out of action during updating or by a virus, the backup BIOS is available on a second flash ROM.

Gigabyte's color scheme for the case connections is useful. The sockets are labeled and color-coded, so it is almost impossible to incorrectly connect two jumpers by mistake.

Next to Asus, Gigabyte is the only manufacturer to give its nForce2 board an AGP Pro slot. While it is true that this does not improve performance, it does allow you to use professional graphics cards that use up a lot of power.

The performance achieved in our test is impressive, and the level and amount of equipment supplied is only bettered by DFI. Question marks still hang over the need for two fans and the saturation of the senses by the aggressive color scheme.

Dual-powered system, intended to ensure system stability even under adverse conditions. If only it weren't for the additional fan.