Athlon Hit Parade: 10 mobos with the nForce2 Ultra400

MSI K7N2 Delta (Updated), Continued

The performance of the MSI board meets our expectations; this version of the board, which we re-tested, is able to run our memory modules at maximum timings as well (5-2-2-CL2), which not all boards in this test can do. However, it still isn't quite enough to make it to the fastest boards of the test - although the differences aren't really noticeable in practice.

The back panel is neatly laid out: sound system, four USB ports, network socket and one serial and one parallel port. The empty position can be fitted with a D-SUB monitor socket if nForce2 IGP is used (same board).

The MSI board also has two serial ATA ports. However, because a Promise controller is used (PDC20376) there is also a conventional UltraATA/133 channel available. But this is for hard discs only.

Just like Epox, MSI includes a round IDE cable, which reduces the potential for problems quite considerably.

Appropriate connectors are needed to use the FireWire controller; this adapter delivers a total of two.

For the two serial ATA data cables there are also corresponding power adapters available (just one in the picture).

The MSI audio module has connections for surround sound and two digital outputs, one optical and one coaxial digital.

MSI has also provided for fully compatible output to the television: the goggle box can be connected via either composite or s-video.