Athlon Hit Parade: 10 mobos with the nForce2 Ultra400

Shuttle Spacewalker AN35N-Ultra, Continued

As shown in the test, the performance of the AN35N lies at the upper end of the range in most of the benchmarks; the system behaved perfectly, and all the important functions for overclocking the processor are available. This makes the Shuttle board a good choice, despite the spartan level of equipment.

A connection panel of the old school: on the right, conventional components such as PS/2 sockets for the keyboard and the mouse, serial and parallel ports. Next to them (yellow), the game port and the jack sockets for the sound system; and finally, on the right, two USB ports and the RJ45 networking link.

With Shuttle you have to be content with the MCP, and for that reason you have to do without Dolby digital sound and FireWire.

Sound on the left; network on the right. Shuttle relies on PHYs from manufacturer Realtek.

Manual, CD, cables. Compared with the competition, there are practically no extras from Shuttle.