Athlon Hit Parade: 10 mobos with the nForce2 Ultra400

Shuttle Spacewalker XPC-SN45G, Continued

Two DIMM sockets are all you get.

The rear connections are about the same as those of a standard ATX computer.

There is a heatpipe cooler included in the package...

... with impressive cooling fins. These are ventilated by an 80 mm fan.

The first step in installation is to install the processor.

The next step is to attach the cooler. This can be screwed right on with the aid of four knurled screws. Built-in springs provide the necessary contact pressure.

The last thing to do is fit the fan in its own housing to the heatpipe cooler and screw it all tight to the housing from the outside - and that's it, voilá! The rest of the hardware installation process is generally well known, but it is quite tricky because of the restricted space.