ATI Enters The X1000 Promised Land

All In The Family

Instead of launching one or two high-end cards, ATI decided to debut the entire family. Replicating a similar method to their madness, ATI designed the new family structure around the performance striations of the X8xx series cards composed of the X800, X700 and X300. The new cards also come in with three levels: the X1800, X1600, and X1300. The family is robust as ATI is launching seven different card designs with a total of 11 different configurations.

R515 = X1300

The Radeon x1300, codenamed R515, is the entry level card with ATI's new architectures. ATI decided to position it as the value play with three models: the X1300 Pro, X1300 and the X1300 HyperMemory.

Radeon X1300 Pro

  • 600 MHz Core
  • 800 MHz Memory
  • 256 MB GDDR3
  • $149 MSRP

Radeon X1300

  • 450 MHz Core
  • 500 MHz Memory
  • 256 MB / 128 MB GDDR3
  • $129 / $99 MSRP

Radeon X1300 HyperMemory

  • 500 MHz Core
  • 780 MHz Memory
  • 32 MB GDDR3 with up to 128 MB HyperMemory (System memory)
  • $79 MSRP