ATI Enters The X1000 Promised Land

When Can I Get One?

Yes, today is the day ATI is launching the cards, but some of the models will be coming out later than the launch. Doing their best to not to make this a paper launch, ATI told us over a month ago that they had over $20 million of inventory available for the launch. However, some will be available now and some in the near future. This isn't bad as long as they deliver on the day they promise.

This is the order that they will launch.


X1800 XL
X1300 Pro

November 5, 2005:

X1800 XT

November 30, 2005:

X1600 XT
X1600 Pro

We like how ATI has shown the world what is on the roadmap and when it should be available, but it feels like they showed us the candy through the window but won't open the door to the store. We don't like the email we received stating that the X1800XL wouldn't even be available in the SI channel (System Integrators) until October 10. That does not sound like availability but when I called ATI PR manager Patricia Mikula yesterday, she stated that the retail channel should have stock today. NewEgg and Fry's were named and others should have availability today and at the latest by Thursday.

While our benchmark figures will confirm there is a new king of the hill as the X1800XT wins more than half of the scores, it will not be available for purchase until November 5. For now, NVIDIA will continue to hold the crown like the Tolkien's Steward of Gondor for Aragorn.