ATI Enters The X1000 Promised Land

High Quality AF And Adaptive Anti-Aliasing (AAA)

ATI added two more image quality features to their arsenal. The first is another level to Anisotropic Filtering. As its name suggests, High Quality AF is just that. It adds another way to filtering method to get cleaner looking images from textures samples. To get a better understanding of the filtering methods available, ATI's Optimized Texture Filtering Called Into Question .

Here is an example of the HQAF and AAA turned on with 4xAA and 8xAF. Additionally, Half-Life 2 launched an update that added HDR content to the game where they could. Here is an example. The X1000 series does a nice job in terms of image quality.

Here is an example of it turned off.

The next comes in where NVIDIA left off. One of the greatest advances with the launch of the 7800 GTX was the creation of Transparent Anti-Aliasing.

Like many others out there, I like to see my partially transparent surfaces like chain link fences in Half-Life 2 and other foliage, like in Far Cry, to look the way they should. Graphics cards had a hard time taking these patterns and determining what the end result should look like. NVIDIA upped the level of clarity with TAA, and ATI has followed suit with AAA.

Here is a screenshot of the AAA and HQAF functions available in the Catalyst version we had to test these cards with.

The feature looks really nice as you can see from the image shots , we also have some NVIDIA screenshots for you to compare.