Either Way ATX or BTX Cases

Device Installation

Internal layout of the Tai Chi case

Installing hardware into this Thermaltake case is downright easy. The top-to-bottom drive cage has room for lots of 5.25" drives. Hard disks go into an additional retaining cage, which has room for up to three 3.5" devices. There's also a built-in 120 mm fan to help ensure adequate air circulation.

Additional "ICages," as 3.5" hard drive enclosures for this case are called, may be added to the base configuration, for those who want more than three such drives. Inside the Tai Chi case, plastic retaining clips serve to ensure a secure grip on any expansion cards you may wish to install. These are easy to install and use, providing that they're properly positioned and oriented when they're inserted. Clear case labels are also quite helpful when installing the motherboard (abbreviations are shown in the next photo).

Clear helpful labels help a lot

ICage for three hard disks also includes a back-mounted 120 mm fan.

Plastic clips fasten and stabilize expansion cards.

Additional ICages are available as optional accessories.

Siggy Moersch
  • use this link if need be ;

    what i would like to know is if this case – Armor VA8000BWS , INCLUDING the BTX Upgrade Kit ,
    if i can use the upgrade btx kit and use a nvidia nForce 790i SLI mainboard in this case ... or do i have to buy a btx mainboard?
  • Sounds pretty interesting...I learned alot from this site...