Either Way ATX or BTX Cases

BTX form factor cases are finally available after they were first announced during the 2003 Intel Developer Forum. However, at the same time, vendors haven't yet really committed to this new system format. Instead, they now offer solutions designed for ATX that can also accommodate BTX upgrades. The final choice in form factors is left up to the buyer.

Meanwhile, BTX hardware may be on its way in, but there are also brakes on its development. Only a few motherboard vendors have started production lines for this new form factor. But why wait? These new cases are flexible as far as their form factor is concerned. If they accommodate ATX motherboards now, then they should also work for BTX motherboards later on.

ASYS Eiffel Tower CK-1022-5

The X-Blade's twin brother

Except for a few minor alterations, the ASYS CK-1022-5 is identical to the Aplus X-Blade. While the X-Blade unit isn't available outside Europe, the ASYS case is available worldwide (outside North America, it is marketed under the ASYS name; in Europe it's marketed as Casetek). Both of these cases are also hardware compatible inside and out. In fact, even the BTX enhancements for the X-Blade fit flawlessly inside the CK-1022-5 case.

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