Either Way ATX or BTX Cases

Coolermaster CM Stacker STC-T01

The CM STC-T01 was the first two-way case launched that is suitable as both an ATX and a BTX tower enclosure. Even though this Coolermaster case now has some months of product life under its belt, it remains up-to-date. Because of its towering height, the Stacker offers lots of drive bays on its front. Up to 10 drives can make themselves at home in this case without a problem. But the BTX version handles three less drives, because the room for those drives is devoted to the airflow channel.

Side And Inside Views

Front and back views

The add-in ventilation opening shows in a side view of the Stacker.

Lots of room for drives, motherboard and even two PSUs.
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  • Anonymous
    use this link if need be ;

    what i would like to know is if this case – Armor VA8000BWS [which is Compatible with ATX and BTX ], INCLUDING the BTX Upgrade Kit ,
    if i can use the upgrade btx kit and use a nvidia nForce 790i SLI mainboard in this case ... or do i have to buy a btx mainboard?
  • Anonymous
    Sounds pretty interesting...I learned alot from this site...