Either Way ATX or BTX Cases

BTX Upgrade Kit (optional)

Retail package for the BTX Upgrade Kit

To convert the Tai-Chi to the BTX factor, you need to swap out the back of the case. That is what you'll find included in the optional upgrade kit for that very purpose. Note: the VB5001SNA requires no airflow tunnel, since it is unnecessary in a water-cooled case.

The back panel of the case is completely switched out.

The SRM from the BTX upgrade kit

Brief Summary

Elegant, charming and sharp: These three terms completely describe the Tai Chi case. In fact, the design isn't the only thing that is sharp about this case: its interior is chock-full of sharp edges, particularly on those parts on which you often touch. But the Thermaltake's great equipment and layout earns it a high ranking. In fact, it would have landed in first place had it not been for those sharp (and scary) edges which downgraded it to second place instead.

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