BenQ Mobiuz EX2510 Monitor Review: A 144 Hz Steal

Solid build, solid performance, solid value

BenQ Mobiuz EX2510
(Image: © BenQ)

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There are plenty of inexpensive 25 and 27-inch gaming monitors these days, but not all perform at a high level. A fast refresh rate, Adaptive-Sync and HDR doesn’t guarantee success. Things like color accuracy, contrast and properly-engineered HDR are often absent when value is a primary design goal.

BenQ Mobiuz EX2510

(Image credit: BenQ)

BenQ has pulled off an impressive feat with the Mobiuz EX2510. It leaves out cost adders like RGB and super-fast refresh but delivers all the necessary elements for a great gaming experience, along with exceptional picture quality. And among the budget HDR monitors we’ve tested, it stands out. 

Despite providing the same contrast ratio for SDR and HDR, the EX2510 managed a super accurate run in our HDR grayscale, luminance and color gamut tests. This display is a good way to try out HDR without spending a lot of money.

With FHD resolution and 144 Hz, you won’t need the best graphics card or even a high-end one to drive the EX2510. Input lag and response are typical of other 144 Hz screens, which means you’ll have no problems unless you are an extremely skilled player.

We were most impressed with the EX2510’s picture quality. Though it lacks an extended color gamut, it makes the most of sRGB with accurate grayscale, perfect gamma and gamut measurements that could be mistaken for a pro monitor. Still, we can’t help but wish the monitor had DCI-P3 color.

Though it leaves out a few things, the EX2510 delivers performance and image quality where it counts. The gaming experience is exceptional at this price point and its picture will satisfy users engaged in any task or form of entertainment. For around $250, the BenQ EX2510 is hard to beat.

Christian Eberle
Contributing Editor

Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors. Christian began his obsession with tech when he built his first PC in 1991, a 286 running DOS 3.0 at a blazing 12MHz. In 2006, he undertook training from the Imaging Science Foundation in video calibration and testing and thus started a passion for precise imaging that persists to this day. He is also a professional musician with a degree from the New England Conservatory as a classical bassoonist which he used to good effect as a performer with the West Point Army Band from 1987 to 2013. He enjoys watching movies and listening to high-end audio in his custom-built home theater and can be seen riding trails near his home on a race-ready ICE VTX recumbent trike. Christian enjoys the endless summer in Florida where he lives with his wife and Chihuahua and plays with orchestras around the state.

  • Sergei Tachenov
    What a timing! I just had a hard time choosing a 24–25" IPS monitor for casual gaming (no 240+ Hz, but with G-Sync and at least 120 Hz). Your review came out right after I finally placed my order. I was seriously considering this model too, but even though your sample had no glow nor bleed, apparently this monitor does suffer from bleed, as on the picture in this guy's review (in Russian, but a picture is worth a thousand words in any language):'s especially annoying is that the bleed apparently comes from the power LED, that's reportedly impossible to turn off. Because of this, I eventually ordered an Acer Nitro VG252QPbmiipx (Acer seriously needs to reconsider its model naming strategy!).