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BenQ SW271 27-Inch Monitor Review: Nearly Perfect

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Viewing Angles, Uniformity, Response & Lag

Viewing Angles

Most IPS panels shift to green when photographed from the side, but instead, the SW271 showed a distinct red cast. Light falloff was minimal at around 30 percent, and there was no loss of detail in the darker steps. The top-down view was less desirable, but, again, it’s no different than any other LCD panel we’ve encountered.

We have no complaints here; off-axis image quality is more than sufficient for this display’s intended uses.

Screen Uniformity

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BenQ doesn’t offer a uniformity compensation option in the SW271, and our tests indicated that it’s not needed. Though it’s not the very best panel we’ve measured in this regard, its results of 10.8 percent and 9.4 percent in the black and white field tests, respectively, indicate good quality control and a monitor free of glow, bleed, or hotspots. Color uniformity was comfortably below our 3dE limit, but we could see a slight green tint on the right side of our sample. It’s not enough to cause concern though, and we couldn’t see it in anything but an 80 percent white field pattern. So, in normal use, this monitor has no uniformity issues.

Pixel Response & Input Lag

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It’s unlikely that gamers will be shopping a 27-inch monitor that costs north of $1,000, but if you’re a player who wants the most accurate color available when engaging in all-night frag sessions, the SW271 won’t hold you back. It’s one of the quicker Ultra HD 60Hz monitors we’ve tested with a respectable 23ms draw time and 62ms of total input lag. While that will keep it out of hardcore gaming systems, most players of average skill will do just fine. Motion blur wasn’t a problem for us when making fast mouse movements or watching intense action movies.

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