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Workstation Graphics: 14 FirePro And Quadro Cards

SPECviewperf 11: LightWave And Maya Results

Drivers Used

Workstation311.35Catalyst Pro
Gaming314.22Catalyst 13.3 Beta 3Catalyst 13.5 Beta 2 (Radeon HD 7990)

LightWave (light01)

Nvidia did its homework. The Quadro K5000 and K4000 are in front with a comfortable lead. Most of the other workstation graphics cards demonstrate very similar performance. The desktop cards suffer a resounding loss. The massive lead that Nvidia’s Quadro K5000 enjoys over the company's GeForce GTX 680, which should dominate the K5000 if you go by technical specifications, shows just how much the consumer cards are held back by their drivers.

Maya (maya-03)

The SPECviewperf 11 Maya benchmark yields similar results to the standalone Maya 2013 test we ran earlier. Once again, Nvidia’s Kepler-based Quadro cards take the lead, followed by their respective non-K counterparts. AMD's graphics cards follow with decent, but certainly not winning, performance. All of the company's newer professional cards perform about the same.