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Workstation Graphics: 14 FirePro And Quadro Cards

SPECviewperf 11: TCVIS And SNX Results

Drivers Used

Workstation311.35Catalyst Pro
Gaming314.22Catalyst 13.3 Beta 3Catalyst 13.5 Beta 2 (Radeon HD 7990)

Siemens Teamcenter Visualization Mockup (tvcis-02)

Nvidia’s professional offerings are on top again, followed by AMD’s FirePro cards in the middle and the desktop pack in the back. As in Pro/ENGINEER, business-class software fares much better when you match it up to professional hardware and drivers. The gaming cards aren't even close to useable, except for maybe the Radeon HD 7970, which is able to beat one lone FirePro board.

Siemens NX (snx-01)

A similar workload yields similar benchmark results. This time, the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition is an astounding three times faster than Nvidia's GeForce GTX Titan. AMD's FirePro cards do a bit better here than in the previous benchmark.