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System Builder Marathon, Q4 2012: $1,000 Enthusiast PC

Benchmark Results: Media Encoding

Although of our version numbers are updated, the workloads we're using remain identical, and are comparable. While the encoding applications have been updated, the workloads remain identical and are comparable.

Lame and iTunes are used to convert audio files from one format to another, and neither of them are threaded. Not surprisingly, then, the Core i5-3570K has little trouble besting this quarter's FX-8350, which isn't as fast per-core.

Conversely, HandBrake and TotalCode Studio (formerly known as MainConcept) are heavily-threaded, illustrating the FX's advantage.

At stock speeds, the FX-8350 is the faster CPU. But because it gets so hot, and consequently doesn't overclock well, it doesn't enjoy much of a speed-up when we tune it. The Core i5, on the other hand, is able to accelerate into a lead in both applications thanks to its jump to 4.6 GHz.