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Comparison: Twelve 19" CRT Monitors

NEC Multisync FE950Plus

The NEC FE950+ has a DiamondTron NF tube and is a bit below the FP955. Its 18" screen has an anti-reflection OptiClear coating. This absorbs the light better and gives a pitch varying from 0.25 in the center to 0.27 at the edges. Its claimed refresh rate is 96 kHz and its maximum resolution 1792x1344 at 68 Hz. The tests showed that a resolution of 1600x1200 at 77 Hz was the maximum. It is the most representative of working conditions on a 19". Like all aperture grill monitors, it has the two horizontal lines showing how the mask is supported. As for its options, the FE950+ keeps them to the strict minimum, because it has neither USB hub nor multimedia function. It has just one type of connector, a 15-pin input.

The FE950Plus can be proud of its geometry in 1280x1024. In 1600x1200, on the other hand, it is not so good, and a number of adjustments are required to obtain an image that is more or less acceptable at the edges. Its OSD is a model of its kind, both in wealth and ease of use. It is really well designed and has all the options worthy of a top-grade monitor. There is a full panel of settings for geometry, color, and purity by zone, moiré and vertical-horizontal convergence. Readability is excellent and stability perfect in 1280x1024. Colors are well rendered and brightness without defect. Shades are well-differentiated and general image quality more than acceptable. In short, the FE950Plus is a good choice in view of its image quality and low price. But beware of its fairly low refresh rates and its behavior in high resolutions.

  • lolsir
    Hi!! I am from 2010 and i want to tell you guys that you guys had some really nice boring review back in the days without any graphs...
  • I just took a Hitachi CM721F into daily use alongside Hitachi CM771, the shadow mask CRT does offer good color rendition without visible support wires of Trinitron-type solution.

  • badugi
    Im willing to buy this monitor, anyone selling one? will pay.
  • CHISEL_954
    iiyama Vision Master Pro 514 22" CRT .24 Bought back in 2004 (wow time flys) and still looking at it as i type. What a excellent monitor (still). I think around $500 bucks in 04. I had a different iiyama model 5 years before that. So the crt's where made of great quality that lasted--but i don't think the lcd that they make are near the quality of the past. :(