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Comparison: Twelve 19" CRT Monitors


ManufacturerModelEffective displayTechnologyPrice
ViewsonicP95f18.1"Perfect Flat$499
EizoFlexscan T76517.8"FD Trinitron/Ergoflat$700
IiyamaHM903DT18.1"DiamondTron HB$530
ADIMicroscan G91018.1"FD Trinitron$500
CTXPR960F18.1"FD Trinitron$460
SamsungSyncMaster D957DF18"DynaFlat$340
SonyG42018.1"FD Trinitron$500
SonyA42018.1"FD Trinitron$420

These tests have shown that CRT monitors have made enormous strides. Today, you can find excellent 19" flat-screens at around $400. Users will be pleased to find FD Trinitron and DiamondTron technologies are much more democratically priced than before, and still remain the model products that they have been for some years. Our tests showed that most of them have good quality images and can be used at a minimum of1280x1024 in good conditions, with a refresh rate of at least 75 Hz for the lowest ones and 85 Hz or more for the best. So overall, they are all up to the levels they claim.

But three of them stand out. The Iiayama Vision Master Pro 454 turned out to be a really pleasant surprise, with outstanding image quality and stability. We are accustomed to this manufacturer providing an attractive quality/ price ratio, but sometimes to the detriment of quality. With the Vision Master Pro 454, they have combined a cost advantage with an intelligent adaptation of the Diamontron High Brightness tube. Right along side it is the ViewSonic P95f, at the same price and with the same outstanding image quality and stability. The third member of this group is the highly efficient Eizo T675, which has very few failings and stands out by the ergonomics of its settings, even though its high price is a bit sinful.

Then there are the other monitors in the test. All are satisfactory and distinguished by their own special features. The Sony A420, for instance, could easily take the place of a television in a living room. The performance of the FP955 speaks for itself, it's just a shame it is somewhat costlier than the others. And Samsung's SyncMaster 957DF is the champion money-saver at the lowest price in the test. Its quality is perfectly adequate and it could be a good choice for those who don't want to put too much strain on their wallet.

  • lolsir
    Hi!! I am from 2010 and i want to tell you guys that you guys had some really nice boring review back in the days without any graphs...
  • I just took a Hitachi CM721F into daily use alongside Hitachi CM771, the shadow mask CRT does offer good color rendition without visible support wires of Trinitron-type solution.

  • badugi
    Im willing to buy this monitor, anyone selling one? will pay.
  • CHISEL_954
    iiyama Vision Master Pro 514 22" CRT .24 Bought back in 2004 (wow time flys) and still looking at it as i type. What a excellent monitor (still). I think around $500 bucks in 04. I had a different iiyama model 5 years before that. So the crt's where made of great quality that lasted--but i don't think the lcd that they make are near the quality of the past. :(