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Comparison: Twelve 19" CRT Monitors


Convergence means the capacity of the three RGB electron beams to strike the same point on the surface of the screen. Convergence is an essential factor because CRT monitors work on the principle of additive color. When the three colors are applied with the same intensity, they produce a white dot. Their absence results in a black dot. Varying the intensity of one or more beams thus creates colors. A convergence defect arises when one of the beams is not properly synchronized with the other two and shows up, for instance, as color shadows along the lines. This is mainly due to a weakness in the beam deflector or to incorrect alignment of the dots on the screen. It can also be affected by external magnetic influences.

  • lolsir
    Hi!! I am from 2010 and i want to tell you guys that you guys had some really nice boring review back in the days without any graphs...
  • I just took a Hitachi CM721F into daily use alongside Hitachi CM771, the shadow mask CRT does offer good color rendition without visible support wires of Trinitron-type solution.

  • badugi
    Im willing to buy this monitor, anyone selling one? will pay.
  • CHISEL_954
    iiyama Vision Master Pro 514 22" CRT .24 Bought back in 2004 (wow time flys) and still looking at it as i type. What a excellent monitor (still). I think around $500 bucks in 04. I had a different iiyama model 5 years before that. So the crt's where made of great quality that lasted--but i don't think the lcd that they make are near the quality of the past. :(