Cooler Master's HAF XB: Give Your LAN Party Box Breathing Room

The HAF XB's Technical Specifications

As mentioned, Cooler Master packs a lot of features into its HAF XB. Due to its two-level design, the case accepts all modern tower-style coolers without worrying about height restrictions. Or, if you want, it'll take not just one 240 mm radiator, but also a second 120 mm radiator. The HAF XB also supports exceptionally long PSUs, offers hot-swapping for two hard drives, and features tool-less drive installation. Finally, carrying handles on the sides round out a very LAN party/tweaker-friendly feature set. Perhaps most surprising to us was that Cooler Master has this case selling for $90 on Newegg.

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ManufacturerCooler Master
Model NumberHAF XB
TypeTwo-level Desktop Case (Stackable), Can Also Be Used As Test Bench
Dimensions (HxWxD)330x442x423 mm
Weight8.2 kg
Plastic (Front Cover, Carrying Handles On Sides)
Form FactorATX, MicroATX, Mini-ITX
Bays2 x 5.25“ (External)
2 x 3.5“ (Internal, Hot-Swappable), Can Also Be Used for 2.5“
4 x 2.5“ (Internal)
PCI Slots7
Bundled Fans2 x 120 mm Front, Upper Level (1800 RPM)
Optional Fans1 x 120 mm Back, Upper Level
2 x 80 mm Back, Lower Level
1 x 200 mm Top
CPU CoolerUp to 180 mm
Graphics CardUp to 334 mm
Power Supply Unit (PSU)Up to 180 mm (According to Manufacturer's Specifications)PSUs with a length of more than 200 mm can be used if the cables are squeezed in.
Cable ManagementThe two-level design offers several options to cleanly put the cables in the upper level.
PriceApp. $90 (Street Price)

A familiar array of buttons and I/O is found on the front of the enclosure, right at the height where the HAF XB’s two levels meet. There’s a power button and a reset button, a microphone input connector, audio output (AC'97 and HD Audio), and two USB 3.0 ports that are internally connected to the motherboard.

Both the power and reset buttons have integrated red LEDs that let you know when your system is on and when your storage subsystem is being accessed. We like that these are the same color. The internal USB 3.0 connector and cable are black, which matches the case. That's pretty important, given how likely you are to see into the chassis from outside.

  • supermag24
    bitfenix prodigy > HAF XB
    Review the prodigy.

    Good review, though.
  • ohyouknow
    Absolutely love this case. Only thing I don't like is motherboard removal is a pita if you have a water cooler and want to add drives to the bottom compartments. Nice and clean up top.
  • panderaamon
    i've been using this case for the last 2.5 months. my only problem is that my H100i cant work in 4 fan mod cause my GTX 570 DIICU is 3mm's longer than i calculated. oh well, 3 fan mod is working nice. also whatever you do get the upper case fan aswell. use it as an exhaust. you'll be suprised what a difference it makes.
  • midnightgun
    The only change I would like made to this case is the ability to mount rads to the top where the 200mm face spot is. I am really interested in this case for my build early next year. Will you also be reviewing the Corsair Carbide Air 540?
  • thebluephilip
    i really love this case! perfect for almost all around duties regarding pcs. :)
  • Vlad Razvan
    I fell in love with the HAF XB first time I saw it. Have been using one for three months now - lots of space, extremely well ventilated, easy to work with, and a great looker too.

    Initially I wanted to go for an expensive 250$ case so my crossfire configuration could fit and have enough ventilation, but then I saw this thing for 125$, bought it and we have been happy ever since.

    PROTIP - buy the quietest 120 and 140mm fans you can find or get a fan controller. If you keep the stock frontal fans, you're gonna have a noisy time.
  • Vlad Razvan
    11393992 said:
    bitfenix prodigy > HAF XB
    Review the prodigy.

    Good review, though.

    For a lanparty, yes, the prodigy es better because it's smaller. As a high-end PC enclosure / testbench - HAF XB is way better. My sister used to keep a pair of GTX 480s in SLi in her HAF XB - it's one of the few cases with good enough ventilation for such hot hardware.
  • cscott_it

    Given your experience with this case (and any previous case testing), do you think the HAF XB would cool well with better fans? You wouldn't happen to have the time and a couple of decent Noctua or Thermaltake (the models with the fluid bearing) to test with, would you?

    Also, any thoughts on the stock fans rated CFM vs. actual amount of heat dispersed and any impressions with them? My experience with Coolermaster's case fans has been unfavorable over the years.
  • dgingeri
    I absolutely love my HAF XB. I don't use the internal 2.5" drive bays, though. I used a Vantec 5.25" to 4X2.5" hot swap drive bay adapter, for a total of 6 hotswap drive bays. I have 4 SSDs installed, with no mechanical storage. I use a HAF 932 for my storage server, keeping my personal data stored elsewhere so it can be independently virus scanned and backed up. This way I can take my main system places without risking my personal data. I mess around with the insides of my main system enough that this saves me a ton of frustration. It's just awesome.

    For the guy who suggested the Bitfenix Prodigy as an alternative to this: what are you, crazy? That thing is a mini-ITX case. It could never pull the duty of this case. It's worthless to any of my needs. Go play with your toys and leave the big boys to talk here.
  • rolli59
    Looking good, one of my favorite cases.