Digital Video Editing: The Canopus DVRaptor-RT


Matrox, Pinnacle, Canopus and Dazzle are the heavyweights in the market for video-editing solutions. Until now, you had to shell out about $1000 for one of their semi-professional video-editing solutions. But now there's the DVRaptor-RT editing card from Canopus , which is available with a software package based on Adobe Premiere for a mere $599. The solution offers over 38 real-time effects. Thanks to the well-tuned software, PC systems furnished with a CPU clocked at speeds of over 1600 MHz can squeeze many more effects out of the card with almost real-time processing capability. Although the DVRaptor-RT still doesn't quite manage to outshine the Matrox RT2500 in all areas, users will be delighted to have a product that offers excellent value.

The Lowdown On The DVRaptor-RT

The DVRaptor-RT's slot bracket sports cinch ports as well as an S-VHS port for video and stereo audio output. Here is where you can connect your additional monitor and/ or analog output device. The only input connector provided is an IEEE1394/FireWire port (i-Link), which means that there's no way to capture analog signals. If you're interested in converting analog AV material to a digital format, you can either purchase the analog-digital converter ADVC-100 or try your luck with a device from another manufacturer. So judging by its ports, the DVRaptor-RT is tailor-made for digital camcorders with FireWire connectors. In comparison, its competitor, the pricey Matrox RT2500, comes furnished with ports (breakout box included) that allow simultaneous digital and analog input/ output.

Uwe Scheffel