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Four Wide Screen 19" Monitors Compared

Latency And Overshoot


I have the same criticism of the Benq as with many other monitors I've seen. The display is far from equivalent to a 5 ms monitor in standard format. It's really flagrant, as you can see here.

The worst reading was 25 ms, and the average was around 22 ms. That's nothing to brag about.


Since there's practically no Overdrive used, there was no danger of its being excessive. I give it a rating of A in that department.

  • V3NOM
    from reading thigns on tomshardware on my 17" CRT i had for years and years to buying my first LCD a couple of months ago :S how embawwassing... anyway it's amazing. the better quality and viewable space on my 19" widescreen is just unbelievable compared to the often blurry writing on CRT's. my dad still uses a 17" CRT and whenever i rarely go over to his computer it's really plain at the difference between them. WIDESCREEN LCD FTW!!!