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Four Wide Screen 19" Monitors Compared

Benq FP92W

With its improved response times, the FP92W hopes to win the crown of gamer's monitor par excellence in its size category. But latency isn't the only area where Benq has made improvements; the contrast and to a lesser degree the brightness have been improved. Let's see if the challenger can make the grade.

Diagonal measurement19 inches
Native resolution1440 x 900
Contrast700: 1
Brightness300 nits
Latency5 ms (GTG)
Colors16.2 M
H/V viewing angles150/130
ConnectivityVGA / DVI

Design, Finish, Ergonomics And Connectivity

Design And Finish

Unfortunately, Benq didn't provide the flash of genius in the design department that would have made it stand out in this roundup. The lines of the Benq monitor blend in with the rest of the maker's FP family of displays. Without being original, Benq is at least consistent - all these monitors, from the FP92W to the FP241WZ, have more or less the same looks. On this one, the finish is acceptable, but no more. The grainy metal-gray plastic surrounding the panel is not all that great-looking, but in this price range you can't be too picky.


The ergonomics of the panel is similar to its competitors'. It has only a tilt adjustment. The OSD is easy to access, but the side-mounted buttons are a bit of a handicap to navigation.


Connectivity is limited to a dual VGA/DVI connector.

  • V3NOM
    from reading thigns on tomshardware on my 17" CRT i had for years and years to buying my first LCD a couple of months ago :S how embawwassing... anyway it's amazing. the better quality and viewable space on my 19" widescreen is just unbelievable compared to the often blurry writing on CRT's. my dad still uses a 17" CRT and whenever i rarely go over to his computer it's really plain at the difference between them. WIDESCREEN LCD FTW!!!