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Four Wide Screen 19" Monitors Compared

Using The Monitor

This display is actually a direct competitor of the HP monitor. With good default adjustments, it performs well and has no major faults. The brightness is a little strong, but the contrast is good, and you could even count on using it for photo work now and then, provided you aren't too demanding. That's true of all the monitors I've seen so far.

For video games, the latency is just too high. For family gaming use, it'll be okay. But if you're hard-core and are giving up your CRT monitor for an LCD display to use for gaming, you'll need to take a step up from this class of monitor.

Video Games

For video, I found the Benq very similar to what the HP offers. Still, video was a little too light and the display didn't always do a good job rendering flesh tones, which looked a bit orange at times. Action was fluid and latency wasn't too much of a problem.




This Benq display is a real alternative to the HP model I looked at earlier. Its price is just as affordable and it offers better contrast, but its video rendering falls a little short. Despite these differences, the two displays share an ease of setup that's perfectly in line with occasional computer use.

Overall Score

  • V3NOM
    from reading thigns on tomshardware on my 17" CRT i had for years and years to buying my first LCD a couple of months ago :S how embawwassing... anyway it's amazing. the better quality and viewable space on my 19" widescreen is just unbelievable compared to the often blurry writing on CRT's. my dad still uses a 17" CRT and whenever i rarely go over to his computer it's really plain at the difference between them. WIDESCREEN LCD FTW!!!