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Four Wide Screen 19" Monitors Compared

Color Fidelity, Contrast, Brightness, Color Gamut, Spatial Uniformity

HP set out to make a simple display and that shows even in the unit's default adjustments. The display is very well adjusted. Out of the box, it's set at 6500K. The colors were very faithful. This monitor will appeal to anyone who doesn't like to spend a lot of time tweaking their display.

Color Fidelity

85% of the colors were perfect. Note that the monitor had trouble with the darkest colors, and my calibrator came in very handy. But even without it the picture was already good.

Contrast And Brightness

Black spotWhite spotContrast
0.51205401: 1

The contrast was much more modest, at only 400:1 in the best case. The black level is to blame; at 0.51 nits, it's too high at this level of brightness.

Color Gamut

The color gamut of the unit was quite in conformity with the standard. On the graph at the left you can see the very good linearity of the rendering, despite the display's showing a slight red dominance.

  • V3NOM
    from reading thigns on tomshardware on my 17" CRT i had for years and years to buying my first LCD a couple of months ago :S how embawwassing... anyway it's amazing. the better quality and viewable space on my 19" widescreen is just unbelievable compared to the often blurry writing on CRT's. my dad still uses a 17" CRT and whenever i rarely go over to his computer it's really plain at the difference between them. WIDESCREEN LCD FTW!!!