The Next Generation of Cool: AOpen's 37 Watt Pentium M Desktop PC

Power Saver Or 3D Specialist

These four jumpers have to be removed when a PCI Express graphics solution is used. Otherwise, the integrated graphics unit of the 915GM chipset will be used.

In the notebook segment, it is the manufacturer that decides whether a certain model will use the chipset's integrated graphics unit or a separate graphics chip. The situation is similar on the i915GMm-HFS. Here, four jumpers need to be removed to deactivate the on-board graphics solution and use a PCIe add-in card instead; it seems that automatic detection does not work.


The ICH6-M, a mobile part, is the southbridge of choice.

From a technological standpoint, the ICH6 and its mobile counterpart, the ICH6-M, are very similar. However, the latter only offers two SATA ports instead of four, and does not come with RAID support. Considering the chip's intended purpose, this makes sense, as every additional component or feature of a chip has a direct impact on its power hunger and, consequently, battery life. Two SATA ports should also be more than enough, and a RAID option in a mobile environment certainly only makes sense in very few cases.

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