Integrated Graphics Performance: It's all in the chips

3DMark 2001SE

The old Version 2001SE (build 330) of MadOnion's 3DMark benchmarking software can take advantage of T&L features and includes a test with DirectX 8 features that factors into the final score. Using the 3DMark2003 with any of these boards would not make sense, since these DirectX 7 class chips could run only one of the four tests of its suite.

The comparatively good performance of the i865G in this test surprised us, especially considering that it wasn't mirrored in any of the real-world game tests. Once again, none of the integrated graphics chips could compete with the performance of our add-in card, the DX 8 capable Radeon 9200. This is also due to some extent to their lack of DirectX 8 support, which made it impossible for the integrated chips to run Game Test 4, a DX 8 test.